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Aspen Daily News on F+Ds Sauvignon Blanc

Diving into sauvignon blanc the next few weeks, as well as attending the Anderson Valley Aromatic White Wine Festival, held in what is normally known as Mendocino’s bucolic pinot noir Mecca. Soon after, it’s three-plus weeks in Italy, kicked off at Summa, a gathering of small producers held in a castle – a sane respite to their annual giant corporate event known as VinItaly. A wine festival in a castle!

Sauvignon blanc conjures images of France: the estuary, Entre-Deux-Mers and the long valley of the Loire. Northern Italy also has its minerally gems, from the hills and valleys of Collio and Alto Adige. Nearly the entire south island of New Zealand is touted as the world’s most consistent stretch of sauvi-b farmland. California’s Napa Valley, known for its high-rent cabernet sauvignon fruit, could be “just the place,” if this demonstrative white grape only commanded a similar price per ton.

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Vittles, Vintages, and Voyages paid us a visit

During our stay at Brewery Gulch Inn we enjoyed Fathers & Daughters Cellars wines and learned that our Host Guy Pacurar was one of the owners. How all this came about proved to be a most interesting story. It begins when two families came together through marriage.
Kurt Schoeneman, after a successful career as a Bay area builder, decided he would like to grow grapes and his daughter, Sarah Schoeneman aided in finding the right place which turned out to be a vineyard in the Anderson Valley, this in 1996. Named the Ferrington vineyard, under Kurt, it soon gained a reputation for its premium quality grapes which were being sold to wineries in the region.

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Bigger Than Your Head praises our pinot

Fathers & Daughters Cellars only made its first wine in 2015, though the family, longtime owners of the Ferrington Vineyard in Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley, for many years sold primarily pinot noir grapes to such highly regarded labels as Williams-Selyam, Flowers and Arista. The winery represents a collaborative and multi-generational effort of the “fathers and daughters” in the family: Patriarch Kurt Schoeneman, his daughter Sarah, Sarah’s husband Guy Pacurar, their daughter, Ella, and Guy’s older daughter, Taylor. Winemaker is Phillip Baxter. I was mightily and sort of incrementally impressed with the trio of wines reviewed on this page today, particularly the limited production Ella’s Reserve Pinot Noir 2014, which any devotee of West Coast pinot noirs should search for diligently.

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WineJourno calls The Dance a “Fine Summer Sipper”

I’m not a white wine gal, but it was 106 degrees so the wine had to be cold, which precluded anything red. This beautiful bottle from Fathers and Daughters Cellars beckoned and I’m so glad it did, because it’s a white I can wholeheartedly recommend.

From the first sip, notes of apricot and even a slight bit of banana—but not to much so as to make it tropical—refreshed on a summer evening. Then it opened up and I was brought back to my childhood—specifically, a huge 70’s brandy-snifter full of rose potpourri that my mother had on her dresser. The heady scent of dried roses becomes a welcome flavor in this wine, and combined with the aforementioned apricot, this light but complex field blend refreshes but doesn’t dominate the moment.

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ENTREE “Highly Recommends” F&D Wines in their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Entree Gift Guide 2015

We highly recommend Fathers & Daughters Cellars, AndersonValley, California. Their Sauvignon Blanc and Ella’s Reserve Pinot Noir are seamless and sublime. 2012 Fathers & Daughters Ella’s Reserve Pinot Noir is moderately light crimson color in the glass. Enticing aromas of cherry pie glaze, red raspberry and earthy flora. Crisp and lively on the palate, with a bright array of deliciously fresh red and blueberry fruits in a light to midweight style characterized by supple tannins.


Matt Villano of Wandering Pod on discovering F&D Pinot on a recent trip to the Mendocino Coast

Most of the time, family travel is all about the ins and outs of traveling with the kids. Other times, it’s about family-oriented epiphanies, observations, and/or discoveries when traveling while the kids are back at home.

This past weekend, Powerwoman and I were lucky enough to experience the latter form of family travel. The two of us were traveling solo—my mother-in-law was watching the girls—as part of our annual unplugged and tech-free trip. We were staying just north of Fort Bragg at the Inn at Newport Ranch, a breathtaking new spot on the Mendocino Coast. And we had dinner with some wonderful people on the first night.

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The Anderson Valley is blessed with an abundance of beautiful vineyards: most are perched on hillsides, overflowing like a fermentation bin with overactive yeast. But some are in swales and flats, making for easier farming, but for the persistent threat of frost in the spring.

Such is Ferrington Vineyard, one of the largest in the Valley at 78 acres on a 160-acre parcel. Purchased by Bay Area builder Kurt Schoeneman, whose daughter, Sarah, helped him locate this idyllic vineyard spot in 1996, the property sports Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, six clones of Pinot Noir (for a total of 45 acres) and Sauvignon Blanc. The property, part of a former 6k-acre sheep farm, had been planted in the 60s and 70s as part of a tax shelter, and had been allowed to go fallow by Dr. Ferrington, the former owner. Says Kurt, who lives here with his wife, Heather,

I wanted a bucolic lifestyle. I’d spent my summers as a kid at a cabin my Dad bought for $750 near the Russian River: we spent the entire summer barefoot. The first couple weeks were always a little rough! I looked at land in Alexander Valley, Mendocino and almost bought a Chardonnay Vineyard in Potter Valley, but it fell through. This place was a wreck when I found it: nearly 70 acres of vines were dead. But I loved the setting.
– Kurt Schoeneman

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The Prince of Pinot has some kind words for our 2012 Pinot Noir

The inaugural 2012 Fathers & Daughters Cellars Ferrington Vineyard Anderson Valley Pinot Noir and 2013 Fathers & Daughters Cellars Ferrington Vineyard Anderson Valley Sauvignon Blanc were released on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015.

Bay area builder Kurt Schoeneman and his daughter Sarah began a search in 1996 for appropriate land to grow wine grapes. The search ended in the discovery of Ferrington Vineyard, a parcel in the Anderson Valley just outside the town of Boonville that had been allowed to go fallow. The vineyard was first planted in 1969 by Balvern Vineyards who acquired the property when it was part of the much larger Rankin sheep ranch. Dr. Richard Ferrington bought the property in the 1980s and turned it over to the Schoenemans.

Since acquiring Ferrington Vineyard the Schoenemans brought the vineyard into prominence, gathering a reputation for producing premium quality grapes used by many highly lauded wineries including Arista, Breggo Cellars, FEL, Flowers, Harmonique, Londer Vineyards, MacPhail, Schramsberg, Twomey,and Williams- Selyem.

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